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The Brand

The MacawWaves brand and philosophy was created by Dionisis, a Greek designer who was born and raised in Thessaloniki, Greece.

Growing up in a clothing manufacturing family, he was constantly surrounded by garments and fashion. One of his earliest memories, and what sparked his passion, was the sight of a macaw parrot. He was so fascinated by its colours and grace that right there and then, he knew what his dream was; creating colourful and elegant clothes, just like the parrot’s feathers!


Dionisis curated his clothing philosophy while studying fashion history and design. He believes that fashion is not only about looking good but feeling confident in your own body.

In 2016 Dionisis took the decision to create his own brand. He asked Teo, his cousin, to join the team. Teo, at the time, was working as a bartender while finishing his law internship. However, his true passion is surfing, and he spent most of his free time chasing waves across the Greek and Portuguese coastline. It didn't take long for Teo to leave his past life behind and join his cousin’s endeavour.

Dionisis’ inspiration, the macaw parrot, combined with Teo's passion, the waves, resulted in the genesis of the brand’s name. Since 2017, MacawWaves specializes in colourful swimwear and beachwear manufacturing. It’s a boy's dream that came to life, sharing happiness and colourful vibes through high quality clothing. We believe that happiness comes from within, but a little extra colour along with a touch of elegant textiles can go a long way. So, become part of our MacawWaves family and experience it for yourself!